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Barnum, IA 50518
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Welcome to Manson Northwest Webster Elementary School (MNWES). We enjoy working and learning with your child and are committed to helping him or her grow through the many educational opportunities at our school.

The focus of the MNW Elementary School is to raise student achievement through research-based instructional strategies. Our educational team uses on-going professional development, technology, proven instructional methods, and varied learning experiences in our efforts to provide a positive and productive learning environment for all of our students.

MNW Elementary implements The Daily Five reading program to instruct and assist our students in reading and language arts. This program focuses on meeting the needs of individual learners to help them progress their reading proficiency as well as their writing, vocabulary, and communication skills.

Additionally, MNWES uses Everyday Math to instruct and assist our students in mathematics. Everyday Math is a spiraling math curriculum where students learn a present topic while reviewing previously learned skills and being further challenged through previewing other mathematical topics. These are just two examples that are part of the well-rounded and solid educational curriculum at Manson Northwest Webster Elementary.

We invite you to visit our school and your child’s classroom. You are also encouraged to volunteer your time. Please contact the office at (515) 542-3211 or by email to arrange a visit, communicate questions or concerns, or for further information. Education reaches its fullest potential when parents and educators work together for the success of our students and our school. We at MNW Elementary take great pride in our role as educators and the privilege of working with our students and their families.